Transport and Aerospace

In April 2010, the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted sending to the atmosphere an ash cloud that spread all over Europe and part of North America. This cloud caused the close of the aerial space during 6 days and interrupts the transcontinental lines. This was due to the potential effects of ashes over the reaction motors equipped in the majority of commercial flights.

After the eruption the ash cloud was dispersed, but eventually there were concentration of ashes that caused cancelation of routes. It was clear that aerial navigation was not prepared for that and AENA (the Spanish National Aeronautical Authority) asked GEOIMAGINE to develop an aerial planning tool that could include the effects of a changing meteorology.

We develop the prototype GeoMETAR.

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Prototype GeoMETAR feed by real time meteorological data, and could calculate instantaneously the most optimized route based on the aero-routes using a remote geo-processing service (WPS). This tool was interoperable and can be used inside of the cockpit.

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