Catalogue: locate, identify, search, selective access and analysis georeferenced information online.


Geographic cataloguing module

GIMcatalog is modular software specialized in the systematical storage and access to the descriptive information (metadata) of cultural heritage data. Its application, at any type of organization, allows an organization and documentation of data process that follows international standards. This application supports various metadata schemes from heritage and archeological fields. Once the metadata are catalogued, the application permits: location, identification, search, selective access and analysis of georeferenced information online.

GIMcatalog follows the international standards for geographical data FGDC e ISO19139), for general documents (Dublin Core), as other standard as LIDO (Light Weight Information Describing Objects). All these standards are integrated on personalized forms adapted to every project. The application supports internationals protocols for services as ISO-TC211 and the different specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for Web Catalogue Services (WCS). These permit the interoperability with third party software.

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