Localize and get visible for your clients based on their location and preferences. Spain is the European county with most permeability to smartphones and tablets. More than 22 million people use everyday at least one smartphone application. At this time you probably have used some mobile applications with spatial data. You can book a table at your favorite restaurant, get instant meteorological forecast for the place that you are, find directions, or even pay geographically. According with the study The App Date in collaboration with Microsoft, Spain is the European county with most permeability to smartphones and tablets. More than 22 million people use everyday at least one smartphone application. This doubles the numbers of 2012 when it was 12 millions of users. In this scenario most of the enterprises has priorized the incorporation of personalized mobile applications that allows a make recognition and clients loyalty.

If you are considering having a mobile application for you business, it’s important to define the objectives: Where you want to reach and what are your strategies to use the full potential of it. Here are the five points that will help you step on and have your mobile application with us.

1. Compromise with the client.

One of the best advantages of the mobile channel is that permits the interaction with the client at real time, based on their location and with an optimized operative based on their profiles. Also additional services as social networks capabilities can enhance the product visibility use.

2. Customer care

For your clients it’s easier and more efficient to communicate with you with a tool optimized for that while they are using. You can locate the nearest service point or orientate them on how to solve it.

3. Get more benefits

One of the common ways to make loyal clients is to offer discounts, a mobile device offer and interesting layer of notification bases on location. Imagine that you have a clothing store in the center of a city, and the clients that have your application installed and have subscribe the service, receive an alert that in your nearest shop has interesting discounts. Some of these clients will ignore the alert, but some of them will modify their plans and visit your shop. As they share their geographical position at real time you can offer them your nearest services.

4. Increase your market share.

In front of a traditional web page, the mobile application reaches more costumers. The use of mobile devices for local searches has become very common especially between the youngest people. Moreover the traditional model of word to mouth has been substituted by a new type of clients, these costumers their purchases over the social networks but also share their location. This permits that more people can discover your product and services on a generic search on the mobile based on location.

5. Costumer mobility

If you sell products or services through internet, a mobile application can be a very good complement. An app can give to your clients the possibilities of doing the same things that they have done in their personal computers but through their smartphones.

As a resume, imagine new ways of getting the attention of your actual of future costumers, make them life a little easier, personalize your offers or attract them to a specific location, or acquire your products based on a mobile applications.

You don’t know where to start, it doesn’t matter. We can help you.


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